Halton is passionate about indoor environments. We offer products, systems, and services for comfortable, energy efficient, and safe environments to customers who value people's wellbeing. Halton is involved from target-setting to facility use and focuses on creating positive indoor environment experiences for people.

Halton in Brief

Halton Group specializes in indoor climate and indoor environmental products, services and solutions. Halton's aim is to create comfortable and safe indoor environments that have energy-efficient and sustainable life cycle.

Halton solutions range from public and commercial buildings to health care and laboratories, commercial kitchen and restaurant applications. Halton is also one of the most recognized indoor climate solution providers for marine and offshore applications. Areas of expertise and product ranges cover air diffusion, airflow management, fire safety, kitchen ventilation, air purification and indoor environmental management.

Halton in a nutshell

  • Founded in 1969 by Seppo Halttunen and owned by Halttunen family
  • Chairman of the board: Mika Halttunen
  • CEO of Halton Group: Kai Konola
  • Turnover: 197 million (2015)
  • Personnel: 1450 (2015)
  • Line of business: Indoor climate products, services and solutions, indoor environment management.
  • Product categories: Air diffusion, air flow management, ventilation fire safety, kitchen and galley ventilation, cabin ventilation, air filtration, and central vacuum cleaning systems. In addition, Halton provides indoor environmental management services.
  • Solution areas:
    • commercial and public buildings including offices, healthcare facilities and laboratories
    • public venues such as hotels, airports, concert halls and arenas
    • commercial kitchens and restaurants
    • ships building, oil and gas, energy and naval markets
  • Geographical coverage: Halton has operations in over 30 countries. Headquarter is in Finland. Production facilities are located in Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, UK, USA, Canada, China and Malaysia. License manufacturing in South-Africa, Mexico, New-Zealand and Australia. R&D facilities are in the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Malaysia and Finland.

Kai Konola
CEO, Halton Group

Mika Halttunen
Chairman of the Board