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Halton Sentinel reduces the risk of airborne infections


Halton Sentinel is a high-capacity UVGI mobile filtration device that can be placed in any indoor space where there is a risk of virus spread. In a nutshell, Halton Sentinel reduces the risk of airborne infections while creating a clean and safe indoor environment for people.

The device has highly efficient UV resistant air filters with a rating of MERV 13. Behind these filters are safe UV-C bulbs that do not produce any respiratory irritant ozone. These particular UV-C bulbs operate at the 254-nanometer wavelength. This wavelength is critical for its germicidal properties.

How does Halton Sentinel work?

Halton Sentinel units are designed to be operated continuously to filter airborne pathogens. Although the UV-C bulbs are 99% efficient in neutralizing pathogens, this doesn’t mean that by deploying one of these units, 99% of pathogens present will be destroyed. What is important to understand is that Halton can calculate the unit’s clean air delivery rate and the probable reduction in the airborne infections by using a Wells-Riley mathematical model associated with the airborne transmission of respiratory diseases. Halton’s salespeople can go into greater detail on what the equation is all about, but in its most basic terms, it takes into account the number of people in the room, the intensity of the UV-C bulbs in the device, and the time the air is exposed to the bulbs.

For example, a typical classroom of 25 students has a ventilation rate of 250 CFM (118 l/s), which is 10 CFM (4.7 l/s) of outside air per student. Halton Sentinel has a clean air delivery rate up to 1000 CFM (472 l/s). Adding 1000 CFM (472 l/s) of clean disinfected air reduces the probability of airborne infection by 4.4 times. Fewer people or more Halton Sentinel units in the room would decrease the probability of airborne infections even more. Other airborne infection probability rates can be calculated by application and occupancy.


The unit consists of stainless steel exterior, heavy-duty locking casters, aluminized steel interior, two pieces of UVGI tubes rated at 13,000 hours and 254 nm, and a touch screen controller. The touch screen controller provides indicator lights to show the unit’s fan operation and speed. There are three fan speeds. Halton Sentinel is rated at 55 dB when operating at its medium airflow setting, which is about the loudness of normal conversation. The unit is available with all international voltage ranges (100-130V, 200-240V, 50/60 Hz). It also comes complete with a 120/1 6’ cord and plug set.

Halton Sentinel mobile filtration unit is now available with CE marking and can run on a 230V power source.

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