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Alexander Gassner
Workshop Manager – Germany

All started in 2010, when Alexander a trainee in summertime at Halton. After the traineeship he decided to work for Halton beside studying. After finishing his master’s degree, the employment relationship was extended to a full-time job. First Alexander was responsible for construction and planning operations for the workshop. In 2018 he got nominated for the position as the workshop manager. Today Alexander has been for more than 2 years in this position. “I have and learned a lot of intercompany communication and working together in the ODP team.”

When asked what he likes about Halton, Alexander replies: “What I like the most in Halton, that everybody is open minded to new ideas. To work across departments is always a pleasure for me, getting in touch with new things, direct feedback from customers, finding solutions to be more efficient. ”

Especially now in these extraordinary time, in relation to the Covid 19 restrictions, Alexander is proud to be a part of this company: “In the future I want to do my part of making Halton in the market, both with our current business and in new business segments.”