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Joona Hongisto
Lead Designer – Finland

Joona Hongisto started at Halton as a summer trainee from school’s work place practice program at age of 15, year 2007. After that Joona worked as a summer employee every summer until graduation 2015. After graduation he started as Technical drawer. In his following steps he has been working with assembling, producting, drawing, designing and developing almost every products manufactured at Halton’s unit in Lahti. Today Joona is responsible for the definition stage of Cruise projects and their GA-drawings.

Joona summarises his experience so far: ”People at Halton Marine have ”yes we can” spirit, which is truly remarkable. You can always rely on the colleagues you work with.

With wide range of products tailored to satisfy customer’s needs, every day is different. It is rewarding to find solutions to the problems customer face in design phase and sometimes even at the site, for example during commissioning. This keeps the work challenging, as the projects always offer something to learn.”

Looking forward Joona feels he still has lot to learn about business and project management. To prepare for the future, he continues to develop himself: “Right now I am starting specialist vocational qualification for foreman, looking ahead for the future and possible upcoming challenges.”