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Jouni Huoli
Welder and Designated Welding Coordinator – Finland

Jouni Huoli joined Halton Marine in Lahti in 2005. Today he works as a welder and as a designated welding coordinator.

”Halton’s open atmosphere and low hierarchy makes the interaction within the community effortless and the work culture is absolutely super. My experiences of Halton have been very positive.”

Jouni’s main job as a welder has remained the same. In 2011 he seized the opportunity to participate in IWS training and since then quality issues have been part of his job description. With the SFS-EN ISO 3834-2 quality system, he was first appointed Assistant Welding Coordinator and later Welding Coordinator. ”Based on these tasks I have learned more about quality management, standards, documentation etc. related issues. While working as a welder, I have also faced challenges and had to overcome myself, which have been very rewarding.”

For the future Jouni comments: “I see my own future as an employee in production, whose tasks, in addition to production work tasks, include quality management and production development tasks, which I find very interesting.”