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Min Yao
Workshop Leader – China

Born in Shanghai, Min Yao worked for Halton Shanghai since 2012. Currently he is the leader of the workshop.

Min Yao joined Halton as welder. After one year, production manager Ma was looking for someone to do bending – and chose Min Yao. Again one year later, the Bending team leader left our company. Production manager Cai asked Min Yao to take the responsibility and made him bending team leader. Another three years later, production manager Lv promoted Min Yao as the leader of the whole workshop.

”I enjoy the way how Halton is doing the job and the communication between my leaders and me, especially when I met problem my line manager will give advice and support me. One of the best thing in Halton is that Halton is willing to develop employees.”

Summarizing his experience so far and looking into the future, Min Yao concludes: “From welder, to bender, to bending team leader, to foreman, I have learned lots during the past 8 years, and I hope I will gain more knowledge and skills to serve Halton better!”