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square multi-nozzle diffuser
square multi-nozzle diffuser

DKS 方形可扩展散流器


  • 双向设置喷嘴可有效控制气流组织
  • 高混合效果有效降低了送风射流速度


  • 送风模式可以通过可调节的喷嘴自由地水平指向任何方向
  • 径向、漩涡、垂直气流皆可
  • 双向设置喷嘴可有效控制气流组织
  • 高混合效果有效降低了送风射流速度
  • 前盖可拆卸,用来清洁散流器和送风管道
  • 尺寸600适合安装在模块化600×600 mm吊顶中


  • 具有测量和调节功能的平衡静压箱


Quick selection

Halton DKSHalton DKS with TRH plenum

Dimensions and weight

100-300 300 259 77 99
100-300-600 595 259 77 99
125-300 300 259 77 124
125-300-600 595 259 77 159
160-300 300 259 77 159
160-300-600 595 259 77 159
160-450 452 411 97 159
160-450-600 595 411 97 159
200-450 452 411 97 199
200-450-600 595 411 97 199
250-600 595 554 97 199
250-450 452 411 97 249
250-450-600 595 411 97 249
250-600 595 554 97 249
315-600 595 554 97 314
400-600* 595 554 97 399

NS = Connection size – Diffuser size
*     = size available only with airflow pattern S (1,2,3 or 4 directions)


NS kg
100-300 1.75
125-300 1.77
160-300 1.77
160-450 3.59
200-450 3.55
250-450 5.32
200-600 3.55
250-600 5.35
315-600 5.33
400-600 5.40


 Part  Material  Note
 Frame  Galvanised steel
 Front panel  Steel
 Nozzle  Polyacetal POM Colour alternatives:
White, Grey and Black
 Coupling sleeve  Galvanised steel
 Gasket  Rubber compound
 Finishing Painted
White (RAL 9003)
 Special colours available


 Accessory Code  Description
 Balancing plenum TRI For balancing and equalising the airflow
and attenuating the duct noise
 Balancing plenum TRH For balancing and equalising the airflow
and attenuating the duct noise


Air is supplied both horisontally and vertically into the space through the front panel of the diffuser.

The supply air pattern can be directed radially in the direction(s) desired (1, 2, 3 and 4) by rotating the nozzles (model DKS/S). Horisontal swirl jet and vertical air patterns can also be achieved by adjusting the nozzles (model DKS/W).

Direction of the supply air jet has no effect on the pressure drop or the airflow rate.

The recommended maximum air temperature difference between supply and room air is 10 °C.
The maximum recommended temperature for plastic material is 60°C.

Nozzle Settings

                           300×300                  450×450                             600×600


The diffuser is connected either directly to the duct by screwing or riveting, or alternatively to the Halton TRI or Halton TRH balancing plenum.

Direct the flow pattern in the desired directions by individually rotating each nozzle in order to meet the required specifications.

A minimum safety distance upstream of the diffuser of 3xD is recommended.

Installation with plenum Halton TRI

The collar of Halton TRI plenum can be installed either internally in the plenum or externally on the bottom of the plenum. The height of the unit is presented in the table below for the external installation. When the collar is installed internally, the total height H1 is reduced by 60 mm.

The technical performance for the combination of supply air diffuser and Halton TRI plenum is presented separately for the two different installations.

100-300 100 TRI-100-100 270 293-343
125-300 100 TRI-100-125 270 293-343
160-300 125 TRI-125-160 270 323-373
160-450 160 TRI-160-160 425 385-435
200-450 160 TRI-160-200 425 385-435
250-450 200 TRI-200-250 425 435-485
200-600 200 TRI-200-200 565 435-485
250-600 250 TRI-250-250 565 499-549
315-600 250 TRI-250-315 565 499-549
400-600 250 TRI-250-400 565 499-549


It is not possible to adjust the airflow rate in Halton DKS itself.

In order to enable the adjustment and measurement of airflow rate it is recommended to connect the diffuser to TRI balancing plenum. The supply flow rate is determined by using the MSM measurement and adjustment module.
Open the front panel and pass the tubes and control spindle through the plastic nozzle. Replace the front panel.

Measure the differential pressure using a manometer. The flow rate is calculated using the formula below.

Adjust the airflow rate by rotating the control spindle until the desired setting is achieved. Lock the damper position with a screw.

Replace the tubes and spindle in the plenum and replace the diffuser front panel.

The k factor for installations with different safety distances
(D= duct diameter)

TRI/S >8xD min 3xD
100 6.0 7.5
125 9.9 12.6
160 16.9 21.9
200 28.3 31.0
250 47.9 51.5
315 78.6


Detach the front panel of the diffuser by gently pulling it down and let it balance on the hinges. Each nozzle can be easily removed by pressing the stoppers and then pushing the nozzle through the front panel.

Wipe the nozzles and the front panel with a damp cloth. The nozzles are replaced into the front plate by pushing. Reattach the front panel.

Option with balancing plenum

Remove the measurement and adjustment module by gently pulling the shaft; (not the control spindle or measurement tubes!).

Wipe the parts with a damp cloth, instead of immersing in water.

Reassemble the measurement and adjustment module by pushing the shaft until the unit meets the stopper.
Push the front panel back into place so that the springs lock.


The diffuser must be made of epoxy-painted steel with a white (RAL 9003) standard colour. Air is supplied through plastic nozzles, which must have a two-slot design in order to ensure efficient mixing of supply air. Nozzles must also be individually adjustable in order to provide high flexibility for the adjustment of the throw pattern.

Option 1: No balancing plenum

The diffuser has a galvanised steel casing with a spigot with integral gasket for connection to circular duct.
The diffuser has a detachable perforated front panel that provides access to the duct.

Option 2: With balancing plenum

The diffuser is connected to a balancing plenum equipped with a measurement and adjustment module.
The diffuser has a detachable front panel that provides access to the measurement and adjustment module in the plenum.

The balancing plenum has a spigot with integral gasket for air-tight duct connection.
The balancing plenum has sound attenuation material made of polyester fiber with a washable surface or mineral wool.

Order Code


S = Airflow pattern
S       1, 2, 3 or 4 directions
W      Swirl jet construction

D = Connection size
100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400

 A = Diffuser size
300×300, 450×450, 600×600

Other Options and Accessories

WS = Width of suspended ceiling tile
NA       Not Assigned
600      600×600 (if A=300 or 450)

CO = Colour
SW     White (RAL 9003)
X         Special colour

ZT =Tailored product
N           No
Y           Yes

Sub products

TRI        Balancing plenum
TRH      Plenum

Code example

DKS/S-100-300, WS=NA, CO=SW, ZT=N


Halton DKS – Square multi-nozzle diffuser
Halton DKS – Neliönmuotoinen monisuutinhajottaja
Halton DKS – Diffuseur plafonnier carré multi-buses
Halton DKS – Dysdon
Halton DKS – Square multi-nozzle ceiling diffuser
DKS 方形可扩展散流器
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