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FCU Vertical fancoil unit
FCU Vertical fancoil unit

FCU 风机盘管

浩盾 FCU 风机盘管是可满足条件苛刻的船舶应用需求的舱房通风解决方案。



  • 镀锌钢外壳
  • 矿物棉隔音材料
  • 风机运行静音且无级
  • 电加热器:400W + 800W
  • 总制冷能力: 高达 1470 W
  • 流量范围是 150 至 500 m3/h
  • 为满足客户需求量身定制的快速水接头、集成式电接头和空气接头


FCU dimensions

Please note: Sizes and positions of air and water connections can be tailored according to customers’ needs.





Structure Galvanized steel casing. Inner surface insulated with marine mineralwool
  Stainless steel drip tray EN 1.4404 (AISI316L) or antibacterial plastic with rounded corners for easy cleaning, insulated to prevent condensation
  Maintenance hatch enable access to filter, cooling coil, fan and electrical reheaters
Components A return air filter according to requested class
  Tubes and finning of cooling coil made of copper. Casing of the cooling coil copper or stainless steel EN 1.4404 (AISI316L)
  An electric reheater with safety switch (manual reset)
Water set A 2-way PICV or 3-way control valve
  Quick water connections or customer specific water connections
  Flow control valve



Control panel features

Halton Marine FCU cabin units are available with three different control panel models; with rotating knob, push buttons with LED bar graph (available as option: IP56) and push buttons with LCD-display.

Common features

  • Balcony door and keycard switch available as an option
  • Cabin temperature measurement
  • Connector for Bluetooth / communication adapter to set cabin parameters
  • Software for parameter setting and trouble shooting
  • Different colour options and custom labeling available as an option
  • Delivered with IC-Cable (interconnection cable)
    • For control panel – cabin unit connection
    • Prefabricated with plugs on both ends
    • Cable plug on panel end is designed to be pulled through standard installation pipe
    • Halogen free and flame-retardant
    • Standard length 7 meters

Control panel with rotating knob

  • Temperature adjustment by rotating knob

Control panel with push buttons and LED bar graph

  • Temperature adjustment by push buttons
  • Self diagnose function
  • LED intensity control and auto dimming

Control panel with push buttons and LCD-display

  • Temperature adjustment by touch buttons
  • Self diagnose function
  • LCD intensity control and auto dimming
  • Display for actual and set point temperatures available as an option
  • Time display available as an option
  • A customized background picture available as an option
  • Several frame options available

Control panel models: push button and rotating knob

LCD control panel


Overheat protection

If minimum airflow alarm is active (e.g. low fan speed), reheaters will not heat (see diagram). 


FCU – Vertical fancoil unit
FCU – Pystysuuntainen puhallinkonvektori
FCU – Ventilo-convecteur vertical
FCU – Vertikaler Gebläsekonvektor
FCU 风机盘管
Halton FCU datasheet 2020
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