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Halton ZPC – 圆形消声器

Suite for medium and low pressure condition.

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  • 适用环境温度-20℃-50℃。
    Suite for the environment temperature -20℃-50℃
  • 适用于介质温度低于150℃并且无腐蚀,类似于空气的流体介质。
    Suite for the gas medium low than 150℃ without  causticity and property similar with natural air
  • 适用于中低压场合。
    Suite for medium and low pressure condition.
  • 外层镀锌钢板为8-1mm厚度,内层穿孔板为0.5mm, 开孔5mm,开孔率≥20%
    Out frame material is 0.8-1.0 thickness GI material. Inner perforated plate is 0.5mm thickness with perforated hole diameter 5mm and perforated rate ≥20%.
  • 板式岩棉容重24KG/M3-48KG/M3。
    Rock wool with film weight 24KG/M3-48KG/M3
  • 吸声材料厚度T=100mm,T=200mm可选择。标准消声有效长度
    Noise absorption material thickness T=100mm, T=200mm is an option, and standard effective length is 1000mm



Adding flexible joint between fan and silencer, suggest avoiding passing through high noise level area after the silence. If cannot, need to add surface insulation treatment.
Adding separate hanger & supporter at both side of silencer. If install outside, water-resistance need to be considered.
If damper& Tee joint & elbow joint before silencer, at least 0.5m duct should be considered to achieve steady airflow. When two pieces silencer serially connected, one additional duct need to be considered.

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