Chilled beams for cabins

Halton chilled beam system is an air conditioning system for cooling, heating and ventilation in spaces where good indoor climate and individual space control are appreciated. The chilled beam system in an air/water system that utilizes the heat transfer properties of water and provides excellent indoor climate conditions with good energy efficiency.

Check out the Halton animation for chilled beam system for ships.

Halton Cabeam animation 



  • Low life-cycle costs compared to VAV and fancoils
  • No filters to be changed, no fan maintenance, no electrical consumption of the fan
  • Dry cooling coil; no condensate collection system
  • Comfortable, stable cabin conditions with individual control of temperature and indoor air quality
  • Lighting, speakers or other building technology equipment can be integrated to the beam
  • Draught free also in maximum cooling load
  • Ultra low sounds levels



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