The 2017 Finnish Association of Civil Engineers Award goes to the Inoroom operating theatre concept
Press Release

The Finnish Association of Civil Engineers (Finnish: RIL) has given its annual award for 2017 to the Inoroom™ operating theatre concept. Transport and communications minister Anne Berner chose the winner from three finalists selected by an expert jury.

Halton invests in the growth of its factory operations in Germany
Press Release

Halton's newly refurbished 6,380 m2 factory in the Alpine landscapes of Reit im Winkl intends to increase its output by up to 50 % in the coming years. The expansion of the premises is in response to the factory's increased total sales, which have doubled since 2006. The value of the investment in the premises is €3 million.

Halton Provides Indoor Air for Japan’s Culinary and Confectionery Students
Press Release

Halton shall provide professional kitchen indoor air solutions for 13 teaching kitchens and four restaurants serving paying customers at the new 8,463-square meter building housing the culinary and pastry art schools of Taiwa Gakuen Education Inc. in Kyoto, Japan by the end of October of 2017. The delivery includes Halton’s ventilated ceilings with demand-controlled ventilation that saves up to 50% energy, and as the first Asian delivery, Halton’s Human Centric Lighting solution that can be integrated into a ventilated ceiling, the first in the world developed for professional kitchens. The total value of the delivery is about 2 M€.

Halton’s kitchen solutions for 13 cruise ships on Meyer's shipyards in Germany and Finland
Press Release

Halton and shipyard company Meyer's ventilation contractor MAC Hamburg have agreed on providing Halton’s indoor air solutions for 13 cruise ships built on the company’s shipyards in Germany and Finland during the following 5 to 6 years. The contract includes six direct orders and options for seven ships.

Halton Group acquired Diffus'Air, specialised in indoor air for professional kitchens
Press Release

Halton Group has agreed to acquire the French Diffus'Air company that delivers turnkey indoor air solutions. The privately held company was established in 1996, and they have long experience with especially chain restaurant customer relationships in the market in France. The contract for the acquisition was signed on 6 June.

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