A New Tighter Fire damper for Oil & Gas Applications

Halton Marine FDA A0(A60) Fire and Gas Damper

A New Tighter Fire damper for Oil & Gas Applications

Fire dampers play an important role in improving safety on board offshore platforms and vessels. Halton Marine believes in high-quality fire dampers and launches a brand new A0(A60) class fire damper. The rectangular fire and gas damper, known as FDA, is a type-approved class A0(A60) fire damper designed for use in oil & gas ventilation systems to prevent the spread of fire inside ductwork. When tightness is an issue, FDA is also a perfect choice for different types of ships.

In the event of a temperature rise in a ductwork system, the fuse trips and cuts off either the voltage to the spring return actuator (electrical model) or the operating pressure to the spring return actuator (pneumatic model), allowing the spring to close the damper blades. The fire damper opens automatically when the fuse has been changed and the voltage to the motor (Halton fire damper type FDA-EL) or pneumatic air supply (Halton fire damper type FDA-PNR) is re-established.

FDA briefly

  • A closed Halton FDA fulfills the requirements of leakage class 3 (sizes > 300x300 mm (EN1751:1998). Casing leakage class C.

  • Stronger blade structure than ever before

  • Blades with stainless spring steel seals for low leakage in normal conditions and thermal expansion graphite seals (effective from 150 degrees Celsius) to seal the damper in case of fire

  • Stainless steel bearings and ISO flanges as standard

  • Normal operation temperature for damper between -50 ºC to +80 ºC. Actuator and component selection can have an effect on this temperature range.

Salla Ahlberg
Marketing Manager, Halton Marine