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Maximal space layout flexibility with the new Halton Siu chilled beam

The ultra-slim chilled beam is designed for demanding needs in terms of space height and layout flexibility. The operation guarantees occupant comfort and excellent air quality in all operating modes thanks to flexible airflow control and heating/cooling capacity.

Maximal space layout flexibility with the new Halton Siu chilled beam

Office environments are constantly transforming to better meet the changing needs of occupant organisations. With increasing churn rates, the importance of space flexibility has turned into a key factor in real estate investment decision making.

Halton Siu offers complete space layout flexibility for office spaces thanks to its unique design. Flexible airflow adjustment guarantees occupant comfort at all times. Halton Siu easily adapts to changing user requirements and operating conditions, reducing workspace churn costs.

Halton Siu consists of two independent unidirectional induction units, providing fresh conditioned air to the space. The design allows construction of partitioning walls between the induction units, dividing the unit operation over two blocks. The ultra-thin unit is only 80 mm high.

Meeting rooms, phone booths and open-plan offices may be located anywhere in the building without compromising the comfort of occupants or fresh air supply. Halton Siu is suitable for modular design, installation and control. Modifying the ventilation module in response to new partition layouts only requires remote adjustment of the building management system (BMS) without need to access the terminal units.

The modular design reduces commissioning, installation and maintenance cost as well as energy consumption thanks to the demand-based control. Demand-based Halton Vario control enables automatic comfort control based on changes in activities (occupancy, CO2 and temperature readings).

Each module is configured and factory programmed to offer accurate thermal control and comfortable air distribution within the space. Other building services such as lights or blinds may be integrated to the unit control.

Office space refurbishment is a growing trend in many European markets. Limitations such as space height often apply to old building structures. Halton Siu offers the prefect solution for space refurbishments as well as new construction projects where room height is limited.

Le Greenelle office refurbishment with Halton Siu system, Paris, France. Building certified as BREEAM Good.