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Episode 04: focus on Cold Mist On Demand Technology

Cold Mist: the unique solution for emission control of heavy duty cooking appliances. High heat and high grease emissions? Not to worry with Mist On Demand!


Heavy duty cooking appliances, such as charcoal and charbroilers have always been difficult to deal with.
They are indeed characterized by high heat loads leading to high temperatures inside the exhaust ductwork. They also generate a large quantity of FOG (Fat, Oils and Grease) in addition to carbonated particles, especially in the case of open flame and solid fuel cooking.

With this in mind, the Cold Mist On Demand hoods have been designed to combine high Capture & Containment efficiency on smoke and heat with the maximum safety. You will benefit from full protection whilst saving energy and recuperating 80% on the Cold Mist water consumption.

• Cold Mist technology is the best solution for efficiently driving the safety and emissions down to the level of standard cooking appliances.
• The Cold Mist provides highly efficient filtration.
• The Cold Mist acts as a spark arrester and air cooler.
• Save 80% on water consumption with the Cold Mist On Demand (MOD).


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