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Episode 03: focus on Capture Ray™ Technology

The Capture Ray™ technology prevents a build-up of grease deposits inside the exhaust plenums of the Capture Jet™ hoods or ventilated ceilings, as well as in the entire exhaust ductwork. Plenums and ducts are kept clean, which dramatically reduces both fire risk and hygiene incidents…

Capture Ray™ Technology

The Capture Ray™ technology neutralises grease particles and vapours, radically limiting grease deposits.
It leads to huge money savings on cleaning costs and prepares the air for sustainable heat recovery. In addition, exterior odour emissions are greatly reduced, which is a huge bonus to restaurants in dense urban sites. It also allows to space out the cleaning operations as long as they are not required or as long the local regulations allow it. It generates huge money savings.

• The Capture Ray™ technology neutralises grease particles and vapours.
• Limited grease deposits means improved fire safety and hygiene levels.
• The Capture Ray™ technology benefits the installation of restaurants in dense urban sites.
• Benefit from huge savings on ductwork cleaning costs.


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