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Episode 01: focus on Capture Jet™ Technology

Capture Jet™ Technology combines unrivalled working conditions with energy savings thanks to a reduction in exhaust airflow rates…

Capture Jet™ Technology

All hoods fitted with the constantly evolving Capture Jet™ technology bring about an impressive 30 to 40% reduction in exhaust airflow rates, compared to traditional hoods removing the same heat load. Halton Capture Jet™ system combines horizontal and vertical jets at the front and on the sides of the hood to improve the capture and containment of the air flows generated by the cooking equipment. Thus, hoods equipped with the new generation of peripheral, vertical and horizontal Capture Jet™ technology are highly efficient kitchen ventilation hoods that removes contaminated air and excess heat emitted by cooking equipment.

The Capture Jet™ ventilated ceilings are a flexible solution for kitchens where optimised hygienic conditions, health, safety, and aesthetics are a concern. The integrated design combines low-velocity air supply, effective capture and containment via Capture Jet ™ technology, and high-efficiency extraction of pollutants. A ventilated ceiling typically covers the cooking area. Therefore, the question is how fast the smoke will be removed by the exhaust plenums located above this cooking area, and if it will be removed quickly enough to prevent heavy grease particles dropping to the floor.
Thanks to a 15% reduction in exhaust airflow rates, Capture Jet™ ventilated ceilings provide compelling energy savings compared to traditional ventilated ceilings.

• Benefit from huge energy savings up to a 30 to 40% reduction in exhaust airflow rates!
• Get your money back in less than a year!
• Better working conditions means better wellbeing and profitability, productivity.
• A cost-effective overall solution.


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