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Solutions based on Capture Jet™ hoods for a High Performance Kitchen in a nutshell.

This video presents all Halton's possible High Performance Kitchen Solutions, based on the use of Capture Jet™ hoods. The root of every solution is a unique combination of innovative technologies. Together they make up the widest range of efficient solutions for the ventilation of professional kitchens on the market. One of these solutions is inevitably made for you and will meet all your requirements, whatever they may be.

Take a look for yourself - The Capture Jet™ technology and Halton's ventilated ceilings.
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Would you like to see how efficient a Capture Jet™ hood can be with 120 burgers cooked at the same time?

This video shows that there's no smoke spillage whatsover, even in operating conditions that could be considered as extremely intense. Note how the smoke that's not instantly removed at filters level turns itself around inside the containment volume of the hood until the smoke peak has passed.

The Capture Jet™ technology vs a smoke generator. Guess who wins?

This video shows just how efficient the Capture Jet™ technology really is. With the help of a smoke generator, we have simulated conditions that would be far worse that any real life situation. As you can see, the speed of the smoke is much faster than that generated from normal cooking appliances. The generator outlet is also placed close to the Capture Jets make it's job even harder.