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The Capture Ray™ technology neutralises grease particles and vapours.

Integrated in Capture Jet™ hoods and ventilated ceilings, the UV-C Capture Ray™ technology is designed to neutralise grease particles, grease vapours and organic compounds which are not captured by the primary filtering system, despite its efficiency. Having said that, an efficient primary filtration is a must as the UV-C neutralisation does not work on medium and large sized particles. The Capture Ray™ technology is therefore always combined to KSA cyclonic filters.

Given that a large proportion of kitchen odours are carried by grease, it follows that a reduction of this grease necessarily leads to a simultaneous cut in odour emissions to the outside world. By increasing the number of UV-C lamps to a carefully calculated level, the odours carried through the air become so weak that it may no longer even become necessary to discharge air through the roof-tops.

How does it work?


Capture Ray™ technology is based on the use of UV-C lamps. Neutralisation of grease particles, grease vapours and odours depends on two simultaneous phenomena. Photolysis is the direct effect of UV-C radiation. It works by photodecomposition whereby grease molecules are broken down by photons. Ozonolysis is the oxidation of grease molecules by ozone that is generated by the lamps. As ozone is a gas, it is carried with the airflow. Oxidation therefore takes place in the exhaust plenum as well as in the ductwork.

Limited grease deposits means improved fire safety and hygiene levels

Many restaurants today do not re-open after a major safety incident. Operators or owners not only have to deal with the disruption of their business, but they also have to face up to their responsibilities to the building's other tenants, customers, third parties, or handle negative press. Safety is de facto a major concern in professional kitchens.

The Capture Ray™ technology prevents a build-up of grease deposits inside the exhaust plenums of the Capture Jet™ hoods or ventilated ceilings, as well as in the entire exhaust ductwork. Plenums and ducts are kept clean, which dramatically reduces both fire risk and hygiene incidents.

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Control the risk of fire at its source.

Capture Ray™ technology prevents a fire from quickly spreading through the entire kitchen, restaurant or building via the exhaust ductwork. Full control of this fire risk can only be achieved by also treating its source - that's to say the cooking appliances themselves.
Halton's hoods and ventilated ceilings can be equipped straight from factory with a FSS Fire Suppression System. It is able to quickly detect and suppress fires by using an advanced extinguishing agent to ensure rapid flame knock-down and vapour securement.

Automatically clean the filters and the circle is completed.
With the Capture Ray™ technology, the last place you'll find grease deposits is the inside of KSA cyclonic filters. This final risk can be prevented thanks to the Water Wash technology which automatically washes down the filters without staff intervention. Thus, we have gone full circle.

The Capture Ray™ technology benefits the installation of restaurants in dense urban sites.

The majority of odours released by cooking appliances are carried by grease. At the same time as the Capture Ray™ technology neutralises the grease particles and vapours, it also neutralises a large quantity of these odours. The risk of becoming a nuisance in the neighbourhood is therefore significantly reduced.

As such, It is far easier to establish restaurants in dense urban sites, to manage a high concentration of restaurants like food courts or to manage a high concentration of cooking appliances like in central kitchens.

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Benefit from cost savings as a result of efficient heat recovery - at the same time!

Can a combination of Capture Ray™ and EcoloAir technologies control all the emissions?

By increasing the UV lampage to a carefully-selected level, airborne cooking odours will be so minimal that it can negate the need to discharge the vitiated air at a high level from the building. Expensive kitchen exhaust riser ducts can therefore be dispensed with.
In that case, the concentration of the ozone generated by the UV-C lamps may be too high at the point of discharge, especially during the phases where only some of the cooking appliances are in cooking mode. Halton's EcoloAir unit has been designed to complement the Capture Ray™ technology and totally control the emissions of professional kitchens, including ozone.

Benefit from huge savings on ductwork cleaning costs!

The Capture Ray™ technology prevents grease deposits building-up inside the exhaust plenums of the Capture Jet™ hoods as well as in the entire exhaust ductwork. It then allows to space out the cleaning operations as long as they are not required or as long the local regulations allow it. It generates huge money savings.