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A lack of capture efficiency is unforgiving. Capture Jet™ technology rocks!

All tests made in Halton's R&D laboratories show that drafts can very easily ruin the capture efficiency of any kitchen ventilation system, even a draft generated by people walking past the cooking equipment. The ventilation of the dining area itself, the activity inside or its access area(s) can easily generate stronger drafts that are unpredictable.

Totally open cooking stations can never be totally efficient on smoke capture because of these drafts. To prevent any spillage, the Halton MobiChef cooking area is closed on the front and the sides and "locked" by Halton's Capture Jet™ technology. The large use of glass does not take away from the show potential for guests.

The Capture Jet technology prevents smoke spillage and enhances the working ergonomics for the chef...

Halton's MobiChef is equipped with the latest and patented generation of the Capture Jet™ technology. On chef's side, the upper part of the unit and its sides are "locked" by the Capture Jets. They create an air curtain which efficiently captures all the smoke released by the cooking appliances and steers it towards the first treatment step of the advanced and integrated recycling unit - the highly efficient KSA multi-cyclonic filters. Whilst allowing a large opening for the cooking appliances on the chef's side, the Capture Jet™ technology ensures that both the chef and the guests are not inconvenienced by cooking smoke and odours escaping from the unit.

A Shadow Graph shows the heat released by one cooking appliance on a screen aligned with the area being tested. The test shown opposite was made in our R&D laboratory. It shows that the heat and steam released under Halton MobiChef is entirely captured, without spillage.

More efficient with less airflow rate: The Capture Jet™ technology is a must for the recycling unit integrated into Halton's MobiChef and for its silent operation.

Capture Jet™ technology efficiency reduces the exhaust airflow rates required to capture smoke and pollutants released by cooking appliances. This enables the recycling unit to be as small as possible. Halton's MobiChef remains surprisingly compact considering the cooking appliances it serves. An added advantage is that it is surprisingly quiet in operation.


A safe and functional cooking area, yet open to view by guests!

Halton's MobiChef has been designed to provide a high ergonomic level for the chef while, at the same time, offering guests an excellent view of all dishes being prepared. This is achieved by having a full length glass screen on the front and full height glass screens on the sides.

Contrary to fully opened cooking stations, these glass screens also play the role of sneeze guard and keep hygiene level to a maximum.

The front glass screen is protected from grease deposits by the Capture Jet™ technology...


One additional Capture Jet curtain has been integrated on top of the front glass screen. It literally isolates the inner side of the screen from the smoke and pollutants released during cooking.

Halton MobiChef affords a clear view of the chef's work whilst minimising the cleaning time of the glass screen.

Electric hob or 700/900 mm modular cooking appliances: It makes no difference!

Halton's MobiChef can be used without restriction with all electric cooking appliances, from light-duty table top equipment to traditional 700 and 900 mm deep modular equipment. Fryers, grills, woks, etc, are all easily managed by this innovative mobile cooking station.

Move the show to your guests, not the grease and odours!

Halton's MobiChef integrates a highly efficient recycling unit based on a process composed of no less than six steps. It has been designed to drastically remove the grease and smoke particles released by the cooking appliances while greatly reducing the odour emissions.

The air can then be freely discharged back into the dining area where the cooking station is installed. As a matter of fact, Halton's MobiChef does not require any connection to an exhaust ductwork system. It can be installed anywhere in the dining area and is totally plug-and-play.

Focus on the show, Halton controls will take care of the rest!

Halton MobiChef's controls are part of the Halton Foodservice Control Platform (FCP). It has been developed to handle and manage all the solutions of Halton's High Performance Kitchen. Whatever the type and number of technologies installed in one kitchen, they are managed by one unique interface: Halton's Touch Screen.

This user interface has been designed to manage advanced technologies while remaining simple and easy to use. Halton MobiChef at your finger tips!

Easy to use functions and clear information...


Filter maintenance has never been so easy...

Halton's Touch Screen is based on the use of clear visuals, which allow easy control of the main functions. The remaining life-time of the filters are clearly displayed so that maintenance can be easily planned.

Halton MobiChef controls ensure that you always work at the correct airflow, no more, no less...

The speed of the fan is adjusted automatically to compensate for filter pressure losses as they become dirty. The exhaust airflow is then kept constant, ensuring that the capture efficiency remains at its maximum level whatever the state of the filters.