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LEDs in professional kitchens: Yes, but with a purpose beyond illumination and not anyhow!

The impact of lighting in professional kitchens has often been regulated to simply satisfying illumination levels without regard for personal wellbeing.

The link between good lighting, better working conditions and productivity, is now widely recognized. However, what often occurs when a kitchen benefits from excellent lighting levels, the staff is dazzled from reflected light. When dazzling does not occur, the kitchen typically suffers from a lack of illumination that is more harmful for the safety of the staff and hygiene of the kitchen.

LED lighting is one of the technologies that evolved most during the last decade. Offers are too numerous to count. They are based on enticing promises on energy savings but they do not necessarily improve the visual comfort and more globally the working conditions and at times degrade them. This can be particularly true in professional kitchens where stainless steel and tiles create reflections.
Whatever the technology used, a lighting system is not just about integrating light sources in a product or ordinary casing. Lighting is an area of expertise in the same manner as ventilation. Halton engineers designed, hand in hand with the best experts, an innovative lighting technology that fulfils all challenges of lighting in professional kitchens.

Halton Skyline brings life to light!

Halton Skyline is the first LED based lighting technology specifically developed for professional kitchens. Everyone agrees the light it provides is simply the closest possible to natural light.

• A Culinary Light that remarkably respects the food colour and plasticity from raw ingredients to plated presentation.
• A Culinary Light that also improves the working conditions while playing an active role in the kitchen safety.
• A Human Centric light that follows your biorhythm to further improve the working conditions and staff Wellbeing.
• A state of the art lighting technology that, at its core, saves significantly on energy and maintenance.

Two types of light source receive amazing benefits.

Halton Skyline is based on the use of two types of light sources, both equipped with the latest generation of highly efficient LEDs.

A broad beam spot: This has been designed to provide a uniform and bright general lighting at a colour temperature of 4000K. In the most advanced Human Centric version, it is equipped with two sets of LEDs enabling varying the colour temperature from 2200 to 6500K.

A narrow beam spot (@ 2800K): This is used to further improve the lighting level and the colour render of the food in strategic locations, above cutting machines or griddles for instance, or even the plating presentation area.