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Halton Skyline sets new standards for energy and maintenance savings

Halton Skyline is equipped with the latest generation of high quality LEDs. Extended lifetime, Improved Colour Rendering Index, lowest energy consumption and highest colour temperature consistency are the main benefits of this generation.

But everything is not just a question of LEDs. As for any type of light fitting, the final quality and efficiency of Halton Skyline is based on all that surrounds the LEDs, especially the diffuser in front of the LEDs and the reflector used after. In that respect, nothing has been left to chance. When it comes to energy and maintenance savings, the goal is, needless to say, to give back into the kitchen as much light emitted by the LEDs as possible, in a sustainable way and with the best visual comfort and render as shown before.

Intrinsic energy savings far ahead of any other lighting system

DIALux is a reference in the field of lighting calculations. In a rectangular 80 m2 kitchen, equipped with a Halton Skyline ventilated ceiling installed at 2,75 m from the floor, Dialux results speak for themselves.

Halton Skyline light fittings consume up to 2,8 times less energy per m2 (8,2 W/m2 @542 lx) compared to fluorescent tubes while providing a more uniform light on the working surfaces... and this is just the first round!

Halton Skyline adds savings to savings!

Halton Skyline enables getting more energy savings and combining them with maintenance savings.

• Halton Skyline still provides 85% of the initial lighting level after 50,000 hours operationIf the T5 fluorescent tubes could last so long, they would deliver 12% less light. In other words, Halton Skyline requires less luminaires to keep the targeted lighting over lifetime. This reduces the initial investment and increases a first time the energy savings.
• During the same 50,000 hours period, Halton Skyline also saves the replacement of up to 125% of the fluorescent tubes, adding significant maintenance savings to the energy savings.

• Halton Skyline's drivers have the same lifetime as the LEDs. As an option, they are also able to compensate for the lighting intensity decrease over time and this, to always keep the targeted lighting level (Constant Light Output CLO). Halton Skyline energy savings are then increased a second time. SAVE even more!.
• Halton Skyline controls can be equipped with light sensors as an option. They are particularly interesting for kitchens that benefit from daylight. Halton Skyline provides much less light close to the windows and progressively increases the light intensity when moving away from them. In such cases, Halton Skyline energy savings are then increased a third time.