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The first Culinary AND Human Centric light

Since the dawn of time, our biological rhythm is driven by the alternating of day and night that controls complex physical, hormonal, mental, behavioural changes and adjusts the sleep and energy cycles. These changes and cycles make up the Circadian rhythm whose importance has recently even gained more attention by the 2017 Nobel prize for medicine. More concretely, Scientists at the Lighting Research Centre (Troy, N.Y.) have reported, as many other studies, that daylight-similar environments improve occupant productivity and comfort. These are some of the benefits of so called Human Centric Light systems.

Imagine combining a Culinary and Human Centred light with a highly efficient ventilation solution, all designed by Halton. The best expression of Wellbeing in professional kitchens!
If you didn't know any better, you would think you were outside!

As an option, Halton Skyline is equipped with two sets of LEDs, with different colour temperatures (2200 and 6500K), and whose intensity can be adjusted independently. This enables creating daylight-similar sequences depending on the kitchen activity. You would think you were outside! Feeling all the more appreciable that many kitchens do not have windows and that we spend 90% of our time indoors.
Halton Skyline creates lighting conditions that are Circadian rhythm-friendly with recognised biological and proven psychological benefits.

Halton Skyline contributes to a better mood and productivity

When night gives way to dawn, our body starts secreting "day hormones". Serotonin is the most prominent of them. There is increasing acceptance that this neurotransmitter plays an important role in maintaining the mood balance, feeling alert and revitalised.

Halton Skyline favours the activation of Serotonin secretion and its benefits. Combined with the psychological effects of a daylight-similar lighting conditions, it improves Wellbeing and productivity.

Halton Skyline contributes to recovery nights

In the evening, the natural light becomes warmer and its intensity decreases. Day hormones are then taken over by night hormones, Melatonin being the most prominent of them. Melatonin is recognised as playing an important role in sleep quality.

Halton Skyline favours Melatonin secretion before the staff leaves in the evening or in the night thus helping them to benefit from recovery nights. Melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant.

The psychological positive effects of a good lighting design have been proven, especially in professional kitchens

"If you were to imagine the ideal office workplace for you, what would you consider particularly important?". (1) The most popular answer is light/lighting/bright rooms. Agreeable climate/air-conditioning arrives at the third position. As shown opposite, better lighting significantly decreases fatigue problems and complaints.

Who would think a better light has less positive psychological impact on the working conditions in professional kitchens if correctly designed?

(1) Source: Union Investment, survey to 3145 office workers in Germany, February 2011. Also shown in Licht Wissen guide book 04 from licht.de.

In fact, the positive impacts are all the more important as lighting has been neglected for longer than some other issues. Light, noise and thermal comfort would inevitably compete together for the top rank among the criteria for an ideal workplace in catering business.

Halton Skyline provides a state of the art and high quality lighting. Together with other aspects that make up good Indoor Environment quality (IEQ), it contributes to boost staff motivation and performance, thus reducing the down times due to sick leave or accidents.
Halton Skyline combines these psychological aspects with the biological aspect making it the most beneficial lighting system.