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A cost-effective solution to boost hygiene and fire safety levels.

KSA cyclonic filter is a highly efficient mechanical filtration that removes grease particles of 5 to 10 µm in diameter and above. It limits the grease deposits building-up inside the exhaust plenums of hoods and ventilated ceilings, as well as inside the ductwork.

Thanks to the control over grease deposits, the fire safety and the hygiene of the exhaust "circuit" is enhanced.

When Capture Ray™ technology is selected - for even higher safety level - the KSA cyclonic filters becomes mandatory as UV-C lamps are not as efficient on medium sized and big particles.

What makes KSA filters different from baffle filters?



KSA cyclonic filters are composed of vertical honeycomb sections. Opening only at the top and bottom, they are designed to force the air to swirl inside. The centrifugal effect is significant and, above all, continuous – especially in comparison to the action of traditional filters. Particles are thus pushed against the honeycomb walls, resulting in better performance. KSA filters are 95% efficient on 10 µm particles.

KSA filters are accredited by the UL (Underwriter Laboratories) as flame-resistant and have NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) Hygienic and safe approval. They are fitted on all hood and KCJ ceilings.

The lowest investment for significant money savings.

Whilst the KSA cyclonic filters are not as cheap to manufacture as baffle filters, they save your money in two very significant ways:

- They limit the grease deposits building-up and reduce the ductwork cleaning costs;
- They lower the energy consumption of fans, thanks to reduced pressure losses, compared to baffle filters.

These savings help make of KSA cyclonic a profitable investment.