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The automatic cleaning of the KSA filters improves hygiene and fire safety levels.

In large kitchens, filters may need to be cleaned once a week. Water Wash technology is designed to automatically carry out these regular cleaning operations, without the need for filter removal from the hoods or ventilated ceilings without outside intervention.

The water wash allows for a more preventive approach of the filters cleaning. It is less expensive and not time consuming for staff. This means that you can actually increase cleaning frequency to more than just the regulation requirements. The grease does not have time to form deposits, which improves significantly fire safety as well as hygiene levels. 

How does it work?

The exhaust plenums in Water Wash hoods and ceilings are watertight and closed. They have ramps that house spraying nozzles designed specifically to quickly and efficiently clean the KSA or FC filters. Each ramp is connected to a control cabinet that has a Halton Touch Screen as a user interface.

The washing cycles are managed automatically without any outside intervention. They can be manually overridden, when required. A typical washing cycle is carried out in three phases:
- The washing phase (during which the detergent is mixed with the hot water);
- The soaking time or reaction time needed by the detergent to dissolve the grease deposits;
- The rising phase needed to remove the grease and the eventual excess of detergent.

The washing cycles are preferably carried out right after an operating period while the grease is still warm and easier to remove. The time left between cleaning cycles should not exceed one week. The ideal scenario is to carry out the cleaning process once a day. It limits the spraying time required for a good cleaning efficiency.

Radical savings on the cleaning costs of filters, no need for the second set of filters and improved productivity.

The biggest benefit of the Water Wash technology is of course to dramatically save money on the cleaning costs of filters, especially if these operations are normally carried out by an external services company.

If the cleaning operations are managed by the kitchen staff, there's the additional benefit of freeing up that time. Thus allowing the staff to devote themselves entirely to their core business: creating and preparing food for their menus. This is all the more important in large kitchens with long operating hours.

Investment in an additional set of filters - which were used to replace the filters being cleaned, is now no longer needed, which shortens the payback time on investment.