Enables the discovery of new horizons.

Halton Group owns six laboratories of which five are exclusively dedicated to ventilation in professional kitchens.

These laboratories make up a powerful R&D network and are constantly pushing the boundaries in the global improvement of our systems and solutions.


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Based on an underlying desire for innovation and simplicity, Halton Foodservice's depth of knowledge and experience is second to none, a factor recognised by the professionals within the industry. Our Research & Development facility is acknowledged to be the industry's high-achiever with, at any one time, at least five or six new products under development.

This level of output is made possible thanks to a constant and significant investment in our R&D capacities. The beginning of the existing network dates back to 2011 with the launch of the second research centre specialising in kitchen ventilation solutions (the first one was located in the United States). What sets Halton foodservice apart is this strong intercontinental network which allows us to draw on a wealth of experience and share diverse solutions.

To date, Halton owns five research centres across three continents, each with a set of complementary skills and expertise such as capture efficiency or emission control.

 Such an international network provides a unique opportunity to enjoy a wealth of cross cultural, culinary experiences. All regions have their own regulations, constraints and challenges - some with very specific cooking appliances and needs.

Far from being an handicap, these differences are enriching and generate opportunities and synergy. Halton's patented IRIS™ system constitutes the best illustration of this. This innovative infrared sensor is a major component of the most efficient Demand Controlled Ventilation system, which generates massive energy savings all over the world. It is also the heart of the Cold Mist On Demand technology used for heavy duty cooking appliances typically used in Asia.

Halton's global R&D network enriches solutions offered every year with state of the art technologies.


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