Passion as a starting point to any innovation.

The drive, dedication and spirit of the Halton foodservice teams together with a deep level of understanding of the foodservice business make the difference.

It is the foundation for our innovation and technological leadership.


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Passion makes the difference!

Halton Foodservice is more than just a manufacturer. We truly share our customer's passion for a great foodservice experience. This pushes us to meet new requirements and surpass ourselves. We genuinely want to make commercial kitchens a better place to work in.

With Halton solutions, Chefs will enjoy a creative and contemporary environment to show case their talents, whilst guests can enjoy this culinary experience in absolute comfort.

Halton' Passion Halton's Passion Halton's Passion

Take a look for yourself at some of Halton's kitchens - where passion has already made the difference.

Technology leader in IEQ*, Safety, Energy Efficiency and Emission Control

Halton Foodservice has a systematic innovation process and develops solutions together with its customers. It is important to us to find simplicity behind the complexity and make sure our more advanced technologies remain user friendly and sustainable. All new products, solutions, concepts and services must add value to our customers.

Our goal is to make Foodservice facilities environmentally friendly by reducing energy consumption and emissions, all the while improving working conditions through a better indoor environment.

* Indoor Quality Environment