Halton offers a wide range of ventilation solutions for each segment of the restaurant market. From low proximity hoods to full canopies, a tailored solution can be found to improve thermal comfort while reducing the energy foot print of the store. An integrated solution works best that takes into account all the factors that play a role in a properly functioning system. Starting with a heat load based design; Halton can provide all the elements for an optimized solution, from exhaust hoods, controls, supply air diffusion and recommendations on energy efficient roof top equipment. 

Recommended Products

Halton recommends especially the following product families which integrate several or all the opposite recommended technologies.

Exhaust Hoods
> Capture Jet® Exhaust Hoods
> Capture Ray

Halton range of Capture Jet® canopies includes a backshelf model especially adpated to fryers and grills.

Airflow Management
> M.A.R.V.E.L. Demand Controlled Ventilation system

Air Purification Units (Emission Control)
> ECOLO - EcoloAir Systems