Expandable Food Service Controls Platform

Expanding into Facilities Optimization and Resource Management tool is limited only by your imagination!

Halton's Energy and Operational Management System controls the lighting and equipment within your facility reducing the utilization of gas, water and electricity while improving operational efficiency.  A system quietly increasing profitability and sustainability.


  • Optimize HVAC, refrigeration, lighting and utility consumption. 
  • Manage multiple sites, schedules and systems. 
  • Unlimited algorithms customized for optimal performance. 
  • Troubleshoot malfunctions and minimize nuisance calls. 
  • Real-time access, monitoring, and data logging through a Web-based system.
  • 24/7 with automatic alarm – live support available as requested. 
  • User-Interface training for executives, managers and staff.
The benefits are many: 
  • Up to 30% on annual utility savings. 
  • Predictive equipment maintenance based on need, not schedule
  • Reduced equipment repairs and downtime; increased equipment life. 
  • Decreased carbon emissions and fulfillment of corporate social responsibility 
Automation, Monitoring & Control Points
Electrical Consumption
Peak Demand Monitoring
Real-Time Monitoring
Gas and Water Consumption
Heating and Air Conditioning
Refrigeration / Freezers
Demand Control Ventilation
Un-hooded Ovens
Hot Food Cabinets
Ice Makers
Soda Machines
Drive-Thru Traffic
Alarm Generation 
Data Logging
and more...