Toimitilojen trendit

Monitilatoimistojen myötä kasvanut tilatehokkuus sekä vastuullisuuden korostuminen asettaa isoja vaatimuksia rakennusten tekniikalle.

Innovative workplace solution combines elements of wellbeing

Air quality and temperature, lighting and acoustics are typically the main indoor climate drivers for wellbeing in workplaces. Halton’s latest workplace solution combines the elements into a...

Halton plant introduces geothermal solution in Lahti

Halton is switching from natural gas to geothermal heating at its Lahti plant. The new solution will reduce emissions from heating the factory premises by 90%, and the related heating bill by 35%

Halton takes precautions due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Halton is following and coordinating the implementation of its decisions made globally regarding the pandemic, such as travel restrictions, quarantine measures and other procedures.

Halton Health at 2020 Hospital Technology Days in Seinäjoki

Halton Health participates in The Hospital Technology Days (Sairaalatekniikan päivät) held in Seinäjoki, Finland, in February 2020. It is the first Health event of the year in Finland.

The Wellbeing Experience

The purpose is to educate visitors about the various recommendations, standards and levels of certification that are available to owners, operators and designers seeking to provide healthy working...

Halton’s Sustainability Report for 2018

Since the beginning, Halton has relied on high ethical principles in all of its operation. To mark the company’s 50 years of existence and as part of its sustainable growth strategy, we have...

Halton 50 years

Halton has made life better in indoor environments for years and decades. We wanted to tell the story of Halton's journey from humble beginnings to global success—as best we can tell...

Halton Group to invest in growth of an innovative real estate market start-up

TRACTR Oy whose founders comprise Finnish and international top experts in the real estate field, aims at global markets with their service platform that enables matching the demand and offering of...
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