Hygienic and comfortable environments for patients, doctors and nurses.

Halton's Vita solutions offer a full range of airflow systems for operating rooms, all meeting the highest standards.

New, unique ventilation solution for modern hospital operating rooms.

Halton Vita OR Space
Highest level of cleanliness

Designed for high-risk operations (ISO 5). Provides the required cleanliness level for the entire operating space. The required airflow is provided on the basis of the microbial load in the operating room.

Comfortable conditions
Enables an ideal and adjustable work environment for the medical team. The system allows for modifications in airflow patterns for individual needs.

Flexible use of space
The unique controlled-dilution innovation provides hygienic conditions and safety with freedom to use the entire room.

Energy efficient
The demand-based and highly automated control system makes Halton Vita OR Space exceptionally energy efficient.

Silent operational environment
The well-designed system enables low noise levels in the operating area.

Halton Vita OR Zone
Halton Vita OR Zone is a high-class lowturbulent-flow solution for high-risk ISO 5 environments. It provides a constant stream of ultraclean air to a defined zone with a traditional laminar flow principle.

Halton Vita OR Cell
Halton Vita OR Cell is a mobile airflow solution providing clean air where needed. Mobile HEPA filtering units deliver ultraclean air to the patient's wound area or the instrument table.


  • Complete operating room ventilation solution for ultraclean operating environments

    • Based on the controlled-dilution principle
    • ISO 5 air cleanliness for the entire space
    • Short recovery time
    • Adjustable air diffusion
    • Comfortable thermal conditions
    • Flexible use of space