Up to 35% energy savings without losing any comfort

Halton offers energy efficiency solutions for cabins by providing local and advanced energy efficiency systems.

Advanced energy efficiency solution (VAV)

One of the best benefits from the owner's point of view is active operation between AHU (Air Handling Unit) and terminal units. Data from terminal units is collected, calculated and used to control the AHU in two ways.

  1. Adjusting the fan operation to optimal level
  2. Minimizing the need to cool down the air inside AHU

With Halton Marine's advanced energy efficiency technology, it is possible to save up to 35% in cabin HVAC consumption.

Local energy efficiency

Air conditioning is forced into standby mode when the passenger removes the keycard from its holder. Even though unnecessary cooling and heating  is limited while the cabin is not occupied, the indoor climate conditions are simply maintained at a comfortable level. The individual comfort level is quickly re-established when the passenger returns to cabin. If the passenger opens the balcony door, the cabin ventilation unit saves energy by preventing unnessary cooling. With local technology, it is possible to achieve savings up to 8% (VAV or FCU unit) in cabin HVAC energy consumption. Unlike advanced system, the local solution does not require a network.

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CABIN UNITS available with ADVANCED ENERGY EFFICIENCY (optional feature)

Please note that advanced energy-efficiency requires always a network.