UV-light technology - the most efficient grease filtration technology in the market

In the UV-light concept, most of the grease particles are first filtered with Halton KSA mechanical filtration. The mesh filter behind the KSA spreads and equalizes the airflow into the hood chamber. The remaining grease is then eliminated with UV-light technology, resulting in a clean exhaust ductwork. This helps to reduce a serious fire risk and expensive cleaning of the ducts.

The UV-light is an excellent choice not only for hoods in new-buildings but also for refurbishments  as the equipment do not change the outer dimensions.




What is ultraviolet light and how does it work?

UV stands for ultraviolet light, which is most commonly produced by the sun and delivered to the Earth's atmosphere. UV light has three different bands: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVA has the longest wavelength, UVB is medium and UVC has the shortest wavelength. UVC is the type used for germicidal applications and is commonly seen in both water and air sterilization applications. UVC producing lamps come in two varieties: ozone producing and non-ozone producing. For the galley hood application, the added ozone production has proven to be beneficial in destroying grease.

In ships' galleys most of the grease exhausted from the hood can be classified as fatty acids; an example being oleic acid, which is the primary fat in ground beef. These substances consist of long chains of molecules connected by double bonds, which are chemically reactive. One chemical reaction that occurs is called Photolysis and takes place when UV-light hits the long molecular chains and breaks the double bonds resulting in smaller molecular chains of grease.

The second chemical reaction is called Ozonolysis in which the ozone generated by the lamps continues to react with the smaller chains of grease and grease vapors to chemically alter them. The resulting substance will not stick to the ductwork or fans (as grease does) which helps eliminate a serious fire risk.

Control panels

UCS control panel is a small, user-friendly control panel for UV-light technology. One panel can indicate UV-light functionality, alarms and running hours for 1-12 hood modules. The panel can be integrated in the hood surface or water wash control cabinet.

More advanced options of the control panels is the Halton touch panel that provides easy to use interface for operating the hood and selected technologies like UV-light technology, water wash system and M.A.R.V.E.L. demand-controlled ventilation. The touch panel displays individual hoods with clear pictures allowing the potential alarms or hood statuses to be displayed visually. The touch panel can manage up to 32 hoods (depending on the integrated technology).

Marine & offshore hoods available with uv-light technology

as an option


pictures of exhaust ducts:
hood without uv-light technology


 hood with uv-light technology

UCS control panel

Touch panel