Water wash hoods - the best choice for galleys running at peak performance

Halton Marine KWH and KWT water wash hoods are equipped with automatic washing system that cleans the filters, UV-lamps and the exhaust plenum at the set time without a need to remove the filters and UV-lamps from the hood. Washing cycle is automated with a separate control cabinet that can be connected to several hood groups. The Halton Marine water wash hoods are especially designed for high capacity utilization in marine and offshore applications where improved hygienic conditions, safety and reliability play an important role.



Control cabinets

WR and CCW control cabinets are designed to manage the washing cycle of Halton Marine KWH and KWT water wash hoods. The washing cycle is fully automatic programmable for use in different operation conditions. The washing process can be manually overridden, when required.

Control panel option controlling several hoods

The Halton touch panel provides easy to use interface for operating the hood and selected technologies like UV-light technology, water wash system and M.A.R.V.E.L. demand-controlled ventilation. The touch panel displays individual hoods with clear pictures allowing the potential alarms or hood statuses to be displayed visually. The touch panel can manage up to 32 hoods (depending on the integrated technology).

Marine & offshore hoods available with water wash technology

Control cabinets

  • WR
  • CCW

Touch panel