Halton Skyline

Here at Halton, we know that providing a lighting system is not just about integrating light sources. Creating great lighting solutions is a field of expertise and requires knowledge of optics, electricity and art of design as well as understanding customer's specific needs.
Halton engineers have designed an innovative lighting solution that fulfils all the challenges of lighting in professional kitchens, created together with top experts – and without compromising on great design.
Halton Skyline is the first LED-based lighting technology specifically developed for professional kitchens. The light it provides is simply the closest possible to natural light.

Culinary Light and Human Centric Light

Halton Skyline combines the benefits of Culinary Light and Human Centric Light, technology first of its kind.
Culinary Light is an innovative lighting system integrated into the Halton Skyline that remarkably respects the food colour and plasticity from raw ingredients to a plated presentation. Culinary Light plays a significant role in improving the working conditions and safety in professional kitchens.
Human Centric Light further improves the working conditions and staff's wellbeing by following your biorhythm.

Energy Saving 

Halton Skyline light fittings consume up to 2,4 times less energy per m² compared to fluorescent tubes while providing a more uniform light.

A Broad and Narrow Beam Spots

Halton Skyline is based on the use of two types of light sources, both equipped with the latest generation of highly efficient LEDs: a broad beam spot and a narrow beam spot.
A broad beam spot has been designed to provide a uniform and bright general lighting at the colour temperature of 4000K. In the most advanced Human Centric version, it is equipped with two sets of LEDs enabling varying the colour temperature from 2200K to 6500K.
A narrow beam spot is used to further improve the lighting level and the colour render of the food in strategic locations, above cutting machines or griddles for instance, or even plating presentation area. A narrow beam spot has a colour temperature of 2800K.

Creating a Comfortable Light

The connection between good lighting, better working conditions and productivity is nowadays widely recognized. However, when a kitchen benefits from excellent lighting levels, it often occurs that the staff suffers from reflecting light. When dazzling does not occur, the staff typically suffers from poor illumination in the kitchen which is even more harmful to the safety of the staff and hygiene of the kitchen.
Providing a comfortable light to the eye is the number one priority in Halton Skyline. The specially designed and patented mixing chamber, used on the broad beam spots, makes the highly efficient mid-power LEDs fitted behind act as a unique, uniform and powerful luminous surface. The reflector is combined with exceeds DIN 12464-1 specifications. With Halton Skyline, dazzling is reduced significantly.
It is widely demanded to have the minimum lighting level of 500lx in professional kitchens. Halton recommends increasing the lighting levels to 750lx on general areas in the kitchen and to 1250lx on targeted areas where lighting is essential. Good lighting on cutting areas, for instance, is essential for safety reasons.