Power generators

Efficient filtration for combustion air intake is essential for power generators. Efficient filtration prevents damage to the gas turbine or diesel engine.
Halton Marine offers a wide range of highly efficient droplet separators for power generator applications as well as outdoor louvres, fire dampers, shut-off dampers and airflow adjustment dampers and blast valves.

Droplet separators

Droplet separators operate on the principle of inertial vane separation and are designed to restrict the penetration of moisture, salt spray, rainwater and airborne aerosol particles into HVAC systems, engine room intakes, machinery spaces, and diesel and gas turbine engine air intakes. Better filtration efficiency means better protection, which directly results in maintenance, repair and replacement cost savings.

Outdoor louvres

External louvres for air intake and exhaust. Halton Marine USM louvres are effective in preventing objects entering into the ductwork. The louvre can be used in air intakes when droplet separation is not required.

Fire dampers

A0(A60) fire and gas dampers are widely used in demanding applications such as oil & gas applications, where they are typically installed to prevent spread of fire, smoke and gas between fire zones. The Halton FDB2 fire and gas damper contains a patented blade structure with special seals that are effective up to 300 C. (572 F) and thermally-activated graphic seals that expand when the heat rises to 150 C (302 F) in ductwork. These unique safety features ensure air tightness and low leakage of Halton FDB2 dampers

H0(120) fire dampers are to be used in demanding applications, where it is necessary to ensure a maximum amount of time for people to react to possible fire or risk of fire. H0(120) fire dampers are developed to meet H-Class integrity.

Halton Marine FDB2 and H0(120) fire dampers are available as ATEX approved (as an option).


Shut-off and airflow balancing dampers are used in combustion air intakes and in cooling air intakes.

Blast valves

Blast valves are designed for protection of ventilation systems against destructive blast forces. It is highly important to choose the correct blast protection equipment and install the equipment correctly into the HVAC system. To compare different blast valves available, use product selection tool.







Products for nuclear power plants

There are pros and cons what comes to nuclear energy. The fact is that there are over 430 commercial nuclear power reactors operating in 31 countries. These reactors provide over 11% of the world's electricity.

Energy industry requires reliable, robust products. Halton Marine offers a selection of shut-off, balancing and gas dampers as well as blast valves for nuclear power plants.

Shut-off, balancing and gas dampers

Halton Marine shut-off, balancing and gas dampers are installed in the ventilation ducts where the dampers are used to control and balance the supply of fresh air. When necessary, dampers can be used to shut-off the ventilation ducts (possible emergency situation). As a result of good airflow management, temperatures and air pressure are maintained at the required level.

Blast valves

The HVAC installation of the building should be protected againsts a possible blast in order to avoid the blast progression into the building via HVAC system. It is highly important to define the possible forces of blast, choose the correct blast protection equipment and install the equipment correctly into the HVAC system. It is necessary for the equipment to be sized sufficiently so that they perform in case of blast.



Windturbines and substations

Halton Marine manufactures high-quality, sustainable and low-maintenance ventilation products for wind turbines and substations.


  • Fire and gas dampers
  • Non-return and pressure-relief dampers
  • Shut-off, balancing and gas dampers
  • Grilles and diffusers
  • Droplet separators
  • Outdoor louvres


  • Baltic2
  • Borwin2
  • Borwin3
  • Butendiek
  • Dolphin Alpha
  • Dolwin Beta
  • Gemini
  • Helwin Alpha
  • Helwin Beta
  • Sylwin Alpha
  • Cpipec Binhai
  • Merkur
  • Horns Rev 3
  • Hunterson HVDC
  • Etc.