Products for naval vessels and submarines

Halton Marine's scope of supply for naval applications includes high-quality fire dampers, shut-off dampers, droplet separators, cabin units and galley hoods. Products fulfill naval standards and several products are shock and fire tested.

The purpose of the shock test is to determine the effects of high-impact shock on the physical and operational characteristics of the product.

Halton Marine products are in use e.g. in UK Navy, French Navy, Singaporean Navy and US Navy.

Fire dampers

Halton FDB2 A0(A60) fire and gas dampers are widely used in different types of ships and submarines where they are typically installed to prevent spread of fire, smoke and gas between fire zones. That Halton FDB2 fire and gas damper contains a patented blade structure with special seals that are effective up to 300 C. (572 F) and thermally-activated graphic seals that expand when the heat rises to 150 C (302 F) in ductwork. These unique safety features ensure air tightness and low leakage of Halton FDB2 dampers.

FDB2 is truly designed for fire. Tightness of FDB2 improves substantially under fire conditions. Typically, steel deformation during fire increase the damper leakage and allows the smoke and other toxic gases to spread out into the ductwork.

Closed FDB2 fire damper size 1000x1000 mm fulfils the requirement of leakage class 3 (EN 1751:1998).

Halton Marine FDB2 dampers are shock-tested.

In addition to FDB2 fire and gas dampers, Halton Marine offers FDL fire damper that comes without seals.

Shut-off dampers

Halton Marine shut-off, balancing and gas dampers are installed in the ventilation ducts where the dampers are used to control  and balance the supply of fresh air for people to live and work in. When necessary, dampers can be used to shut-off ventilation duct (possible emergency situation). As a result of good airflow management, temperatures and air pressures are maintained at the required level.

Droplet separators

Droplet separators are designed for demanding applications where easy installation, high-efficiency and special design of separators play an important role. Three configurations are commonly used according to the level of droplet removal efficiency required; single stage, two stage, and three stage. Special configurations are available. An optional weather tight hatch can be used to shut down the intake close to the waterline in the event of rough seas. Halton is able to assist in the design and selection of the droplet separators according to the application with special consideration to the pressure drop, velocity, wind speed and direction, turbulance, and drainage.

Cabin units

The Halton Marine cabin ventilation solution is a total air-conditioning package that is specifically designed for different types of cabins or other spaces that require a good air-conditioning. The package includes a cabin unit with plug-and-play functionality plus grilles, diffusers, and valves.

Halton pressure-independent cabin units support the most sophisticated indoor environment in cabins. The airflow is controlled and maintained individually in each cabin and thus sound levels and comfort are kept in a best possible level. The airflow and temperature are continuously measured so that the controller will cut off the reheat power below the minimum airflow.

The manually operated cabin units include reheater and control unit or just a manual damper (manual model) which both allow the manual adjustment of the airflow quantity.

Galley hoods

Halton Marine is the leading suppliers of galley ventilation equipment for cruise ships.

Halton Marine KWH water wash hoood are equipped with an automatic washing system that cleans the filters, UV-lamps (when installed) and the exhaust plenum at the set time without a need to remove filters and UV-lamps from the hood. Washing cycle is automated with a separate control cabinet that can be connected to several hoods. KWH water wash hoods are designecd especially for high capacity utilization in marine and offshore application where improved hygienic conditions, safety and reliability play an important role.

Halton Marine KVM steam extraction canopies are used to capture and remove steam resulting e.g. of the industrial dishwashers. The KVM canopies are the choice when grease filtration is not required.