Fire safety

Fire risk is one of the key hazards on board oil & gas installation. A fire can ignite during the production process even if all precautions have been taken. It can also start in other areas like accommodations or the galleys. Uncontrolled fire, smoke and gas are extremely dangerous on board and the progression must be stopped as soon as possible. Fire and gas dampers installed in HVAC ducts have a significant role in preventing the progression of fire, smoke and gases that can become life threatening. A fusible link inside the fire damper also operates as a fire detector.

As smoke and other toxic gases can be more dangerous than the fire itself, it is important that the chosen fire damper also prevents smoke from spreading. Halton is the manufacturer supplying smoke-tight dampers.

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Halton Marine fire dampers


A0(A60) fire and gas dampers

A0(A60) fire and gas dampers are widely used in different types of ships and oil & gas applications, where they are typically installed to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and gas between fire zones. The Halton FDB2 fire and gas damper contains a patented blade structure with special seals that are effective up to 300 C. (572 F) and thermally-activated graphic seals that expand when the heat rises to 150 C (302 F) in ductwork. These unique safety features ensure air tightness and low leakage of Halton FDB2 dampers.

FDB2 is truly designed for fire. Tightness of FDB2 improves substantially under fire conditions. Typically, steel deformation during fire increase the damper leakage and allows the smoke and other toxic gases to spread out into the ductwork.

Closed FDB2 fire damper size 1000x1000 mm fulfils the requirement of leakage class 3 (EN 1751:1998).

Halton Marine FDB2 dampers are available as ATEX approved. A  wide range of accessories for explosive athmospheres and special steels combined with structural flexibility complete the offering.

H0(H120) fire dampers

Halton Marine type-approved H0(H120) fire dampers are to be used in demanding applications, where it is necessary to ensure the maximum amount of time for people to react to possible fire, or risk of fire. Halton Marine type-approved H0(H120) fire dampers are to be installed, for example in the external walls of living areas, where fire could become life-threathening. Halton Marine type-approved H0(H120) fire dampers are developed to meet H-Class integrity.

Fire dampers







Active smoke control

Fire can start in accommodation areas and spread from room to room, not via ductwork. In this case it is possible to utilize Halton's Active Smoke Control.

  1. Using displacement ventilation. Low velocity diffuser installed in the bottom level of the room supplies air into the room and accelerates the natural phenomenon of stratification where hot air including smoke goes up and cold fresh air goes down. This gives more time in case evacuation is necessary.
  2. Adjusting the pressure in the neighboring room or zone. Fire generates smoke and gases as well as quick rise of temperature and pressure in the room or zone. By increasing the pressure in neighboring room or zone, it is possible to limit the fire, smoke and gases into the room where the fire is occuring.

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Flow control dampers

Halton Marine offers a several types of flow control dampers for oil and gas applications.

Halton shut-off and airflow dampers

Halton Marine shut-off and airflow dampers are installed in the ventilation ducts where the dampers are used to control and balance the supply of fresh air for people to live and work in. When necessary, dampers can be used to shut-off the ventilation ducts (possible emergency situation). As a result of good airflow management, temperatures and air pressures are maintained at the required level.

Halton balancing dampers UTK and UTP as well as shut-off, balancing and gas dampers type UTT and UTG are available as ATEX approved as an option. A wide range of accessories also for explosive athmospheres are available.

Non-return and pressure-relief dampers

Halton Marine non-return and pressure-relief dampers are used to prevent backflow and relieve pressure through ventilation ductwork. The opening pressure of BLD and BRD dampers can be individually adjusted. Halton BLD and BRD dampers are also available as ATEX approved as an option.


NON-return and pressure-relief dampers

Blast valves

The HVAC installation of the building should be protected against a possible blast in order to avoid the blast progression into the building via HVAC system. It is highly important to define the possible forces of blast, choose the correct blast protection equipment and install the equipment correctly into the HVAC system. It is necessary for the equipment to be sized sufficiently so that they perform perfectly in case of blast.

Blast valves are designed for protection of ventilation systems againsts destructive blast forces. The HV series offers higher air flow capacity and increased level of safety, compared to most of the available products on the market, as well as flexibility for design of duct systems. To compare different blast valves available, use product selection tool.

Droplet separators (water separators, mist eliminators)

Droplet separators (also known as water separators and mist eliminators) are designed for demanding applications, such as oil & gas, chemical, marine nuclear and paper industries, where easy installation, high-efficiency and special design of separators play an important role. Weather conditions will undoubtedly vary, but even in the calmest weather conditions, the air contains salty spray particles. Better filtration efficiency means better protection, which directly results in maintenance, repair and replacement cost savings.


Three configurations are commonly used according to the level of droplet removal efficiency required; single stage, two stage, and three stage. Special configurations are available. Halton is able to assist in the design and selection of the droplet separators according to the application with special consideration to the pressure drop, velocity, wind speed and direction, turbulence, and drainage.

Droplet separators (water separators, mist eliminators)


External louvres

Cabin ventilation

The Halton Marine cabin ventilation solution is a total air-conditioning package that is specifically designed for different types of cabins and other spaces that require a good air-conditioning. The package includes a VAV unit with plug-and-play functionality plus grilles, diffusers, and valves. VAV unit with intelligent automation and room thermostat can operate as stand-alone units or in a network. A LON or Ethernet network enables that cabin units can be controlled, monitored and adjusted by supervision system.

Cabin units

Halton pressure-independent cabin units support the most sophisticated indoor environment in cabins. The airflow is controlled and maintained individually in each cabin and thus sound levels and comfort are kept in a best possible level. The airflow and temperature are continuously measured so that the controller will cut off the reheat power below the minimum airflow. Halton Marine cabin ventilation equipment can operate on a LON or Ethernet network with a dedicated network adapter. Through intelligent network and pressure-independent operation systems it is possible to reach the best benefits of Halton energy efficiency technology.

Halton cabin units are also available without airflow measurement as pressure independent units.

The manually operated cabin units include reheater and control unit or just a manual damper (manual model) which both allow the manual adjustment of airflow quantity.

Fancoil units

The Halton FCU is a vertical fancoil unit for air treatment and control that has been specifically designed for silent cabin comfort with sophisticated air treatment and control. The compact design and excellent performance levels makes Halton FCU easily adaptable for different type of projects.

Room thermostats and diffusers

The Halton Marine cabin ventilation solutions also includes a selection of room thermostats and diffusers.

science and innovation for cabins

TErminal and inline units


DIffusers, valves, grilles

Galley ventilation

Halton Marine is a leading suppliers of galley ventilation equipment for cruise ships. Halton Marine offers industry leading HVAC solutions that provide energy efficiency and safety without compromising comfortable conditions. Halton Marine innovations like M.A.R.V.E.L. and Capture Jet technology offer real return on investment.

Water wash hoods

Halton Marine KWH and KWT water wash hoods are equipped with an automatic washing system that cleans the filters, UV-lamps and the exhaust plenum at the set time without a need to remove the filters and UV-lamps from the hood. Washing cycle is automated with a separate control cabinet that can be connected to several hoods. The Halton Marine water wash hoods are designed especially for high capacity utilization in marine and offshore applications where improved hygienic conditions, safety and reliability play an important role.

Technological advantages

For decades, Halton has brought to the market several technological innovations like Capture Jet technology that offers significant energy efficiency, UV-light technology that provides best possible grease filtration technology along with better fire safety and improved hygienic conditions and M.A.R.V.E.L. Read more on our technologies for galley ventilation on science and innovation section.


galley hoods and canopies