Posted: 27/06/2019

The Wellbeing experience The Wellbeing Experience

The purpose is to educate visitors about the various recommendations, standards and levels of certification that are available to owners, operators and designers seeking to provide healthy working...
Posted: 19/06/2019

SUSTAINABILITY Halton’s Sustainability Report for 2018

Since the beginning, Halton has relied on high ethical principles in all of its operation. To mark the company’s 50 years of existence and as part of its sustainable growth strategy, we have...
Posted: 11/06/2019

CELEBRATING Halton 50 years

Halton has made life better in indoor environments for years and decades. We wanted to tell the story of Halton's journey from humble beginnings to global success—as best we can tell...
Posted: 28/05/2018

CONFERENCE Meet us at RoomVent 2018

Join the conference to hear our specialists present the latest findings in Energy Performance of Buildings and CFD Simulations.
Posted: 30/04/2015

Welcome Visit Halton Shanghai Showroom & Factory

Welcome to visit Halton Shanghai showroom and factory
Posted: 28/11/2014

Halton opens Showroom and Laboratory in Shanghai

Halton has opened an 88m2 showroom and 65m2 laboratory ...
Posted: 14/01/2020

OPEN POSITION servicemonteur (M/V)

Ben jij, of ken jij, onze nieuwe servicemonteur voor professionele grootkeuken afzuiginstallaties...
Posted: 31/12/2019

AVOIN TYÖPAIKKA Logistiikka-assistentti, Halton Marine Oy

Logistiikka-assistentin tehtävänä on kuljetusten järjestäminen ja lähetysdokumenttien tuottaminen vientitoimituksiin, sekä tilausten lähettämiseen liittyvä yleinen asiakaspalvelu.
Posted: 18/12/2019

Join our team! Customer Service/Technical Project Coordinator for Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Halton Canada is looking for a Customer Service/Technical Project Coordinator for Mississauga, Ontario.