Enviado: 24/03/2020

GOING GREEN Halton plant introduces geothermal solution in Lahti

Halton is switching from natural gas to geothermal heating at its Lahti plant. The new solution will reduce emissions from heating the factory premises by 90%, and the related heating bill by 35%
Enviado: 20/03/2020

COVID-19 Halton takes precautions due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Halton is following and coordinating the implementation of its decisions made globally regarding the pandemic, such as travel restrictions, quarantine measures and other procedures.
Enviado: 21/08/2019

TECHNOLOGY Episode 04: focus on Cold Mist On Demand Technology

Full safety for solid fuel and heavy duty cooking appliances…
Enviado: 10/07/2019

TECHNOLOGY Episode 03: focus on Capture Ray™ Technology

Money savings on cleaning costs, one of the highest safety levels and a must for a sustainable heat recovery…
Enviado: 23/08/2019

EXHIBITION Come and meet Halton during MCE Asia Singapore at Booth 2-J06

Meet us at the MCE Asia Singapore 2019, September 4-6...
Enviado: 04/01/2019

EXHIBITION Meet Halton at the NAFEM Show 2019 in Orlando, Florida, February 7th to 9th

Come and see what new experiences Halton will be delivering during NAFEM 2019 at Booth 1860.
Enviado: 25/10/2018

ANNIVERSARY Halton celebrated its 20 years in Poland together with customers and partners

The guests were hosted by 40 Halton representatives...
Enviado: 24/09/2018

Exhibition in Russia Visit Halton during PIR EXPO

Booth 2E30
Enviado: 24/02/2020

Ostaja Haemme Halton Oy:lle Kausalaan Ostajaa toistaiseksi voimassa olevaan työsuhteeseen

Haemme Halton Oy:lle Kausalaan Ostajaa toistaiseksi voimassa olevaan työsuhteeseen.
Enviado: 14/02/2020

AVOIN KESÄTYÖPAIKKA Tuotesuunnittelija, Halton Marine Lahti

Haemme Halton Marinelle Lahteen tuotesuunnittelijaa kesäksi 2020. Työtehtäviisi kuuluvat asiakas- ja tuotantopiirustusten tekeminen vaativiin marine, öljy- ja kaasu- sekä navy -asiakasprojekteihin....
Enviado: 31/01/2020

AVOIN KESÄTYÖPAIKKA Kesätöihin Haltonille 2020

Tarjoamme kesätöitä tuotannon tehtävissä Halton Oy:ssä Kausalassa ja Halton Marine Oy:ssä Lahdessa.
Enviado: 14/01/2020

OPEN POSITION servicemonteur (M/V)

Ben jij, of ken jij, onze nieuwe servicemonteur voor professionele grootkeuken afzuiginstallaties...