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Halton Group's board and business area management


Changes in Halton Group's board and business area management

Halton Group's co-owner and head of the company's business area responsible for Halton Buildings and Health segments, Tarja Takki, moves to support the strategic development of the group from the board level as Vice Chair. Tommi Rantanen, previously head of Halton Marine business area, has been appointed as Tarja Takki's successor. Sales Director Sami Piirainen from Halton Marine has been appointed as the new head of Halton Marine. The appointments are effective as of January, 2018.

"During Tarja Takki's more than five years as head of the business area, new focus was brought to the business and the related operations were developed in many ways, including the successful introduction of Halton's Health segment. I want to thank Tarja Takki for this work and her passionate realisation of the mission of Halton," says Halton Group CEO Kai Konola and continues:

"Now is a good moment to proceed with our future strategy work and rollout under the leadership of the new business area heads." 

 "Tommi Rantanen has known Halton and its operations for a long time and has solidly demonstrated systematic productive management of a business and the effective implementation of changes. This experience stands him in good stead in continuing to build the business operations as Tarja Takki's successor," Kai Konola adds.

As for the new head of Halton Marine he says the following:

"Sami Piirainen has a long Halton career behind him in different roles and solid experience of the business fields of Halton Marine. He knows our customers brilliantly and thanks to his team, we have reached market leadership in galleys for cruise liners. I believe that under Sami's leadership we will develop a recipe for success for the next growth spurt of Halton Marine."

The new Board of Directors

In addition to Tarja Takki, Halton Group's board of directors has also got another new member from the family, Krista Halttunen, since August 2017. Other board members are Mika Halttunen (chairman and owner), Ari Ahonen, Tomi Laamanen, Heikki Rinne and Matti Ruotsala

Kai Konola
CEO, Halton Group