Halton France obtains CSTB approval for its occupancy detection and CO2 management solutions.


Halton France obtains CSTB approval for its occupancy detection and CO2 management solutions.

Halton introduces the new MODULR+ and MODULO2 solutions, demand controlled ventilation system for non-residential buildings, approved by the prestigious French certification authority CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment).

These new solutions, MODULR+ and MODULO2, for Halton HFB and Halton BOX products, have been developed to enable the qualification of energy savings.  MODULR+ is a complete solution of controlled ventilation for occupancy detection, combining an occupancy sensor and VAV product. MODULO2 is designed for spaces with variable occupancy and offers a complete system with a range of CO2 sensors managing a VAV system.

This CSTB approval quantifies the energy gain obtained. It gives to consultants and designers value of Crdbnr coefficient. This coefficient is used to calculate energy consumption of the building. It depends on occupation rate, type of sensor, type of space.

CSTB is one of the most important French certification authorities for the building and construction sector. The CSTB approval is a fundamental requirement to operate in the French market and is recognized at European level as a synonym for product and process quality.

The mission of the CSTB is to ensure the quality and safety of buildings, and support innovation from the idea to the market. It brings together multidisciplinary skills to develop and share essential scientific and technical knowledge, and to provide stakeholders with answers to the challenges of their professional practice.

The CSTB focuses on four key activities: research and consulting, assessment, certification and dissemination of knowledge. Its field of expertise covers construction products, buildings, and their integration into neighborhoods and cities. With over 900 employees and its subsidiaries and networks of national, European and international partners, the CSTB group offers its services to all parties involved in construction.


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Sylvie Leau-Clouard
Halton France