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Halton, official sponsor of a charitable project

From left to right: Mr Kai Goslar (Hamburg Work - Managing Director), Mr Michael Dagn (Halton Foodservice - Sales Director), Mr Torben Wittbrodt (Halton Foodservice - Area Sales Manager), Mr Steffen Henssler (Chef).

Halton, official sponsor of a charitable project together with the famous German Chef Steffen Henssler!

The Pestalozzi-Stiftung Hamburg ("Pestalozzi Foundation Hamburg") is a social and charitable organization founded in 1847 in Hamburg, Germany.
Its main goal is to provide support and counselling for children, youths and families. It also maintains day care facilities for children and facilities for adults with disabilities and mental illnesses.
Recently, the organization has maintained facilities and projects in many parts of Hamburg.
The organization is based on the idea of offering people the means to attain the ability of "help to self-help".

Hamburg Work, a German company, is an infrastructure service provider, taking over the management of secondary processes for their customers, aiming to employ people with disabilities. Hamburg Work is part of this Pestalozzi Foundation.
And together with Mr Steffen Henssler, the most popular Chef in Germany thanks to the German TV show "Grill den Henssler", as a supporter of the project will organize the complete project, from the contract with the building owner up to the final installation.

Project is the creation of a kitchen that will prepare approximately 4000 meals per day and will deliver them to hospitals, school canteens, retirement homes in Hamburg. It should operate at the end of 2017.
Part of the equipment in this new kitchen will be totally adapted for the people with disabilities, helping them to come back to regular work through adapted environment.

Halton will deliver for this kitchen a ventilated ceiling and become an official sponsor with this project together with Steffen Henssler.