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Halton's range of Air Handling Units has been awarded the coveted Eurovent certification

Halton are pleased to announce that their range of Commercial Kitchen Air Handling Units has been awarded the coveted Eurovent certification for performance and quality.

Halton's range of Air Handling Units has been awarded the coveted Eurovent certification

The 12 month procedure included design and development in Rochester followed by rigorous testing at the Eurovent-approved laboratory in Germany.
The accreditation covers the entire range of 3rd generation Pollution Control, Supply-Air and Combined Units.

An integral part of this process was the certification of Halton's AHU software selection package.

This Eurovent accreditation is recognised throughout Europe and an increasing number of other countries around the world. This recognition of Halton's innovation and quality will facilitate ongoing growth around the world.

In this time of heightened awareness of poor air quality, Halton's AHU range enables the Foodservice Industry to play its part in reducing airborne pollution.

Halton's Rochester-based R&D Manager, Joe Jones, commented:
      "Our new range of Eurovent-certified supply air handling units include highly-efficient filtration options to help ensure acceptable levels of indoor air quality. Units, as standard, are equipped with Eurovent-certified M5 and F9 grade filters to remove fine particulate which is proven to be damaging to human health. The casework has been designed to minimise filter by-pass, the effectiveness of which was demonstrated in recent Eurovent filter by-pass leakage tests at the TUV test laboratory in Germany, where our units achieved the maximum score of F9 classification under both positive and negative pressures.
       Halton is also pleased to offer the new "Urban Pack" of filtration, designed for use in areas of poor outdoor air quality, such as city centres. The Urban Pack comprises a series of specialist filters selected to reduce the level of harmful gases commonly found in dense, highly populated areas. These filters serve to reduce microbes and airborne bacteria in the incoming supply air which helps to provide the cleanest and healthiest air for the kitchen staff."

Here in the UK, we are already on board with protecting our air quality through emissions control… Halton's UV technology plus Pollution Control units combine to play a major role in the control of airborne smoke and odours discharging from commercial kitchens.

"The success and subsequent growth of our AHU range is an important step in our business development and has been a key to the success" says Steve Mason, MD of Halton UK; "Whilst this certification of performance and quality is not yet a regular requirement here in the UK, it certainly is throughout most of continental Europe. It must be satisfying to our UK customers to know that they are benefitting from the exacting standards demanded elsewhere".

Halton's Eurovent-accredited AHU range of products are only manufactured in Halton's UK facility at Rochester.

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The Team behind the Eurovent accreditation
On the picture, from left to right: Steve Mason, Rhys Dear, Ian Horton, Joe Jones (with certificate), Richard Lewis, Craig Gould and Phil Gibson.

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