Halton launched an indoor climate technology development project in Singapore in co-operation with the National University of Singapore in 2001. Intensive investment in advanced product development is the key to Halton's success as a technological pacesetter and market leader.

Halton business units in Finland were awarded the ISO 14001 environmental certificate in 2001. The certificate covers all Halton's operations in Finland. The environmental certification is in addition to the ISO 9000- Quality Certification given to Halton already a decade ago.

Halton acquired the leading Finnish supplier of clean indoor air products, Clairia Oy in 2003. The acquisition brought a new area of expertise to Halton and reinforced the strong investment for Indoor climate expertise and international growth.

In 2005 Halton acquired Vent Master Europe Ltd, UK and the Canadian and US business operations of Vent Master specialising in commercial kitchen ventilation and air purification technologies. The purchase strengthened the international market position of Halton and enhanced its expertise as indoor climate solutions supplier for foodservice facilities. Great Britain and North America became Halton Group's largest individual markets.

Halton Foodservice strengthened its position as international market leader in 2006 when Wimböck joined Halton Group. Wimböck is a family-owned manufacturer and known as the technological leader in high-quality ventilated ceiling systems for food service facilities. Wimböck strengthened Halton Group's position also geographically in the German and Japanese markets.

In 2007 Indoorium Oy joined Halton Group. The new addition provides solutions for indoor environment management.

In the recent years, Asia has had an increasingly central role in Halton's strategy, as the company is targeting especially the emerging markets. Asian expansion is led from Malaysia, where Halton established its first Asian office and manufacturing facility already in 1996.

Halton's Foodservice business in the region continues to grow rapidly, the company has moved its production to larger premises in Malaysia in November 2013. Halton also opened a brand new R&D centre Malaysia in March 2013.

In 2015 Halton Group made an expansion for North America by acquiring a air purification company - Air Scrubbers that focuses on air purification.