The tightest Shut-off, Balancing and Gas damper for demanding applications now available!

The brand-new Halton Marine damper, named UTA, is the tightest Shut-off, Balancing and Gas damper the company has developed so far.

Change in the navigation structure of

The main navigation on will change as of Monday, August 21. Two new menu links, "BUILDINGS" and "HEALTH", will replace the former category "HALTON".

Halton's central vacuum cleaning system for Tallink Megastar

Megastar is Tallink's eighth ship to which Halton has supplied a central vacuum cleaning system.

Top-level welding quality assurance verified with certification

Halton Marine Oy has a third-party authentication on the quality and functionality of its welding process.

Halton Jaz diffusers available now

New Halton Jaz Sky Ceiling and Halton Jaz Rain Ceiling diffusers available now.

One day in Halton's CEO shoes

"It was a truly unique and exciting opportunity for me to participate in the CEO x 1 Day program and spend a day shadowing Kai. The day as a whole was a great learning experience on leadership...
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