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The new Halton Marine product catalogue now available

Halton Marine is now offering the wider selection of Halton products than ever before.

The new Halton Marine product catalogue now available

Halton Marine has published an updated product catalogue - the first edition of year 2019. The catalogue is published as an eBook on Halton Marine website. Click the link to view the catalogue here

The catalogue consists of the following categories:

  • Fire dampers
  • Flow control dampers
  • Non-return and pressure-relif dampers
  • Blast valves
  • Galley ventilation
  • Cabin and room ventilation
  • Diffusers
  • Valves and grilles
  • Droplet separators and louvres
  • Central vacuum cleaning units
  • Laboratory ventilation

A lot of new products and features for the products have been added on the catalogue. For more information, please contact Halton Marine sales at [email protected]

Salla Ahlberg
Marketing Manager, Halton Marine