Halton Opens a New Air Filter Factory in Kausala, Finland

Halton, a family-owned company specialising in indoor climate solutions is expanding, and sets up a new manufacturing facility.

Halton Marine Oy's Operations Comply with OHSAS 18001

During the past year Halton Marine Oy has been building occupational health and safety management system.

How HVAC can maintain safety on board of oil & gas installations

Safety is the number one factor on board oil & gas installations. A good HVAC design can play a vital role in improving safety.

New Halton Marine Product Catalogue now available

A brand-new Halton Marine product catalogue is now available for Halton Marine customers.

Halton Opens Office in Singapore to Boost Local Service Business

Halton Group continues its expansion in Asia, and has established a new legal entity in Singapore.

Halton delivers for new FPSO

Halton Ventilation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has delivered FDB2 fire dampers and BRD pressure-relief dampers for Living Quarter blocks.
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