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VLS Halton Vita Lab Solo

Sopii kaikkiin vetokaappeihin ja kaikille kohdepoistoratkaisuille tutkimus-, tuotanto- ja koulutuslaboratorioissa.

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Halton Vita Lab Solo provides fast and accurate airflow management for all types of fume cupboards. It is

  • Designed for the ventilation control of fume cupboards in laboratories where safety, air quality and comfort need to be maintained at the required level regardless of external conditions
  • Suitable for fume cupboards in research, production and educational laboratories

Halton Vita Lab Solo is available with different control concepts, depending on the application needs.

Basic applications for normal laboratory conditions:

  • Face velocity control – maintains a constant face velocity regardless of the sash position
  • Dual position airflow control – maintains a minimum face velocity by detecting if the sash is open or closed
  • Sash position control – maintains a constant face velocity depending on the sash position

Advanced solutions that meet the requirements for the most demanding laboratory spaces:

  • Sash movement control – controls the sash movement to provide a quick increase of the exhaust airflow, while also controlling the sash position in order to maintain a constant face velocity
  • Double sensor control – maintains the face velocity at a predefined level and controls the sash movement in order to provide an exceptionally quick increase of the exhaust airflow