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Blast Protection for Heavy Industry applications

Blast protection especially in industrial applications is a must. The first priority of the blast dampers is to protect people and equipment in case of blast. In case of blast, without proper protection, the blast wave will penetrate into the building through air inlets and exhaust penetrations in an otherwise hardened structure.

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Typical challenges in Blast Protection

Explosion is considered as an event, where energy is released in an extreme manner and followed by rapid increase in volume. There are different types of explosions, but usually two types are linked especially to industrial environment: Chemical and Mechanical Explosions. In some cases, these explosions can follow each other. Blast or shock wave will follow right after the explosion. Basically, this is the increased pressure and flow resulting from the explosion. The top priority is try to eliminate any possible explosion or blast and secondly to protect the building with a sufficient blast protection dampers.

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Blast protection
Blast protection is a serious matter especially in demanding environments. Unfortunately severe accidents happen around the world every now and then. The severity varies from material damages to tens of people killed in accident, not to mention environmental and air pollution issues following these explosions.

Why choose Halton

Halton has been working in demanding onshore and offshore projects in oil and gas, nuclear industry and naval industry for several years. Halton is experienced in blast protection and can help you in many ways.

• Provide help with blast protection design and selecting the suitable products

• Competitive and flexible lead times: standard products ready for transportation even in 4 weeks

• ATEX certified products, suitable for Zones 1 & 2. EAC certified products

• Products widely tested by 3rd party research centres as well as internal testing conducted

• Project management, documentation and support services provided

Halton blast damper operation principle

Blast dampers are used to protect occupants and equipment of a structure against overpressures resultant of an explosion. The blast dampers normally protect air inlets and exhaust penetrations in an otherwise hardened structure. See the animation of Halton BDH blast damper in action.