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Mother and a child in a hospital patient room
Mother and child in hospital patient room

Comfortable healing in a patient room.

In modern hospitals, a good indoor environment and patient comfort are vital for patients’ rapid healing. To ensure such an environment, Halton created the Vita Patient solution, with hygienic chilled-beam and radiant-panel operation.

Halton’s Vita Patient solution provides flexible and silent ventilation for the patient’s room. Our system provides demand-based ventilation: during visiting hours and consultations, the ventilation adjusts to the number of people in the room. Then, when the patient is alone, it returns to its normal level. Also, the patient can adjust the temperature to the desired level, and lighting control can be integrated into the solution.


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Typical challenges in patient rooms

With Vita Patient, Halton answers the question of how to create environments for patients that provide good thermal comfort, are silent, and adapt to the room’s varying heat-load conditions.

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New borne baby and a mother

Why choose Halton?

The Halton Vita Patient solution is specially designed for a patient-room environment, with a focus on how to support the healing process. Halton is able to offer two distinct solutions for a patient room: a hygienic chilled beam and a radiant panel.

We also offer an automation solution for easy control of conditions in the patient room (airflow, temperature, and lighting).

The system can be controlled from the hospital’s building management system and/or from the local nurses’ station. Via the easy-to-use touch panel at the nurses’ station, the medical staff can see and control the patient-room environments.

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